Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First day of school

We survived the first day of school:) I didn't take a single picture. I meant to, really, especially that "first day of school standing in front of the car with my backpack and lunchbox" picture. We'll get one tomorrow, and pretend it was the first day.

We made it there on time, with lunchboxes and backpacks, and the kids were just fine going in. Gene and Lucy spent some time in the before-school care room. Gene had to bring his favorite fruit (he chose watermelon) to make a class fruit salad for snack. Lucy brought nuts and raisins for snack, and came back with 3 cheez-its in her snack container. Jane told me she didn't have any snack (I'm pretty sure she did).

Gene said his favorite things were Spanish and music, Lucy did a bunch of art projects (most of them on her own, one with the class) and Jane had to change into her "extra outfit" as soon as we got to school, because I forgot to put the stopper in her sippy cup and water leaked all over her lunchbox and lap.

Everyone is fine, even excited, about going back. That is all that we can ask right now:)

As for my day, it went well. The children (for my mom's sake, I will refer to my own offspring as "kids" and the classroom bunch as children...will that work, Mom?!) were all ok about their parents leaving, and no one really cried. I like them all, and see a lot of potential in them...really a bunch of cute children! I spent the morning in the preschool class, then go to eat lunch with the kindergarteners, and spend a bit of recess with them, then head to the nap room and rub backs and try to get the little children to sleep. Jane was one of them, so I got to see her.

That's all for now. Pictures coming...sometime.