Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Long-overdue update...Thanksgiving 2010

The kids were all excited about the upcoming Thanksgiving celebration, especially since they are all talking about it and making Thanksgiving art projects in their respective classes. Jane kept asking and asking how many more days there were until we made her a calendar (notice the stickers on Thanksgiving Day). She loved it!

We drove to Niles the day before, to spend Thanksgiving with Hannah's grandmother, aunt, uncle and cousins. Whenever we go, for some reason, Brendan is always given the job of carving the turkey. A privilege, right?

Hannah's Grandma Lucy, from whom Lucy Joy Cousino was named. She observed the preparations...

Aunt Kate (right) and Cousin Lizzy, dressed for dinner.

Aunt Pat always brings out her best toys for the kids when we come...the girls just love all her Beanie Babies and Pound Puppies...

Jane (right) and her second cousin Easton played with the dollhouse. Actually, Jane put things in and Easton threw them out I think. He is about a year younger, though the same size as Jane.

Pat made aprons for the girls a while ago, and they insisted on bringing them so they could wear them when they helped cook.

Lucy helped Grandma H arrange the rolls.

Those are all the pictures we took, but Thanksgiving morning we all ran in the Niles Thanksgiving Day fun run...Gene ran a whole mile (!!!) and Lucy ran her goal of a half-mile (yeah Lucy!), while Jane rode along in the stroller. Grandpa H and Brendan and Kate's fiance (though not at the time) Craig ran the 5k.

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