Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Of girls and pets...

Lucy has been asking for a pet for a long time...and she specifically wants a fish. We have pushed the pet issue off until the summer, since this year is way too busy to add anything else to the picture. Anything else that requires attention, that is. And thought of any kind. So, the topic comes up every few weeks but conversation about a pet never lasts long.

Until tonight. Somehow Jane was thinking about pets, and picked out the perfect pet- a hamster. But then she reconsidered and decided a family of hamsters would be better. Babies, a brother, a sister, and a mama and papa. We would have to have a cup of water in their "tank", she said. So they could drink whenever they were thirsty. And then her thinking went off on a strange tangent..."And when we get the family of hamsters, don't let the babies come out...When she (the mother) gets married, then they can come out."

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