Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back from oblivion

So, with a month's long hiatus under it's belt, this blog is going to resume posting. Maybe...daily! Maybe. At least better than it's past record this school year. But it started out as primarily a home-school blog, where I would record what went on during our daily lives. And I've got to admit, during the school year our daily lives at home were pretty boring. Here's a sample day:

-everyone up at 6, clothes on, breakfast, brush hair and teeth, out the door
-Jane and I home at 1, she played quietly, I did housework
-got in car at 3 to pick up Gene and Lucy
-got home at 4
-everyone put things away, showed me schoolwork, unwound a bit before dinner
-dinner around 6:15
-cleaned up dinner, maybe played a few minutes, then started the getting-ready-for-bed routine
-bed by 7:30 (girls), 8:00 (Gene)

And that, folks, was it. The weekends were mostly kids playing with same-old, same-old toys (not much time to get new things...in the past we used to get new things mainly for holidays and from garage sales), and parents making (and freezing) lunches for the upcoming week, doing laundry and a bit of house and yard work. We squeezed some exercise in, but that lagged a bit in the time crunch.

So, now school is over. Yeah! We are going back in the fall, however. We'll have a slightly easier schedule this time, with me working only 3 mornings a week, and Jane staying home for a year (she'll go to Kindergarten the following year). In the meantime, I'll post as much as feasibly possible to make up for both the past year and probably the future year as well:) Maybe this needs to just be a summer blog!

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