Monday, February 13, 2012

Quick Update

Why does everything have to be "quick" now? I feel like that's all I say these days! Well, I am posting a quick post for the sake of posting something...I'd rather post something longer, but I just don't have the energy:) It's bedtime!

  • Valentine's day tomorrow! The kids all made valentines on Sunday for their classmates...they are so old now, I just had to lay out things and give them some ideas, and they pretty much did all the work! Last year I felt like I was forcing the girls to finish "just one more", this year was much easier. Gene and I made brownies for his class party also
  • Brendan is at a meeting. Sometimes I like that, sometimes I don't...I get some time to myself, but I also have to do everything myself...bedtime, make lunches, clean up, etc. Hence the late bedtime.
  • All the kids have colds. But no fevers, even though that's going around. Jane's immunity has gone WAY up this year, compared with last year. Thank you Lord!
  • I am starting to train for a 10K and at least one triathlon coming up this summer. I love getting back into the swing of things!
  • Lucy was walking around with a cloth headband over her eyes, pretending it was a blindfold. She also made a container, out of paper, to put little slips of paper with math problems in them. She and Jane are obsessed with calculators these days, and I make them write the math problems on paper first, then check on the calculator. Hence, her creative mind went to work to make it more fun.
  • Jane wrote a sweet Valentine's card to one of her teachers tonight. I love finding things like that just lying around, that I didn't even know had been made till after the fact. She is in the "sounding out words and writing them using any old spelling" stage...and also "writing the letters for the words any old place on the paper" stage. Hence, her card has words that are vertical and horizontal, and the later words start up again at the upper half of the card. "Happy Valentine's Day Miss Lisa I love you My love for you is _____ (can't read the last word) From Jane" is what I finally deciphered.
  • I haven't yet figured out how to download pictures from my iphone. I know it's supposed to actually download for me, using icloud...maybe I just haven't set it up right. Soon, soon!
  • Brendan and I went to dinner the Parthenon restaurant in Ann Arbor over the weekend. It's a Cousino favorite restaurant, and it's closing soon, so we had to get there while we could. We generally go a couple times a year for flaming cheese and good gyros sandwiches. I'm going to miss it!
  • Ok, that's a good enough update, right?

Good night!

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