Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gene woke up early and helped me make banana bread before the girls came down.

Lucy made toast for herself and Jane. She was so hungry and impatient that she popped it up and buttered it before it even turned brown!

Gene has been showing interest in the piano...time for lessons?

Lucy plays the "ABC game" ( once in a while, and no matter what Jane is doing, when she notices she brings a chair over and watches. She is starting to learn her letters now, so it's great for her to watch and I don't mind at all!

Lunch in the car on the way to Atrium (a Montessori-based catechesis program at our church).

They loved the banana bread!

After dinner, we generally have "candy baskets" for dessert. Right now we're finishing off the Easter candy, but before that it was Halloween and Christmas candy. Just a few little jelly beans are such an easy dessert. Lucy, however, being mechanically-minded, started playing around with the plastic eggs, noting different ways they could fit together.

And she insisted on trying to pile all the remaining jelly beans into one large egg. Had to settle with using two eggs, but sure enjoyed the challenge...

She had a swimming lesson before dinner, and is doing great. She's going to progress through those fast, I think.

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