Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Last two days

I suggested to Gene that he exercise in the morning, and he decided to write up an exercise plan, a daily routine. Lifting weights and using Brendan's medicine ball was on the list...

And he convinced Lucy to join in...

Our kitchen wastebasket is like another table- everyone uses it!

Tuesday morning is cleaning time, and Jane helped with the toilet...

Jane distributed peas and then rolled up lunchmeat for everyone's lunch on Tuesday- I didn't even ask her to roll it, she just knew that's what I usually do, and she knows how to roll.

Mats in the play-area have been a success. Now each person has a defined area, and it's easier to see what's left to clean up at the end of playtime.

Gene actually pulled out the watercolors a couple times this week, on his own, and painted!

More box fun (well, somewhat fun- turns out all the kids want to be in the box and it's not big enough for everyone at once...well, they're learning how to negotiate and compromise).

Lucy built her own fort with blankets around the family room end table. Janie was jealous of that one, too.

Atrium this morning, at Christ the King church. Jane loves to wash her hands at the little child-size sink in the bathroom.

And speaking of bathrooms, Jane has outgrown her little potty upstairs, but couldn't quite get herself up on the big toilet. So, I found a "stool" that gave her just the boost she needed (actually a Montessori writing tray that's supposed to be filled with sand or salt so kids can practice writing with their fingers...shh, don't tell!). She LOVES it! And is so proud of herself.

Reading a book to Jane before rest time, on my bed. Favorite of the day- Ten Apples Up on Top, a Dr Seuss book from before he was Dr Seuss.

After rest time the girls helped me make Boston Brown bread for dinner, then Lucy wanted more practice (play!) with packing brown sugar into a measuring cup, so she emptied the whole container into a bowl (1/3 cup by 1/3 cup).

Kids in bed, Brendan with friends...goodnight all!

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