Thursday, August 26, 2010

August update

Here's a quick update on the last month's worth of activities and happenings:

We went blueberry picking 3 times, with various friends...the kids ate tons, and brought home just a few for the winter (think Little Sal, with no bears). The girls helped sort them later.

All three children participated in the library summer reading program, and Gene used our Montessori math materials to count the pages he read. It was in the thousands, so he got great addition practice:)

Brendan participated in a "crazy" triathlon, which took all of 5 hours from start to finish. Swimming, biking, running, more swimming, more biking, more get the picture.
He was quite surprised to win a "major award" during the awards ceremony, for finishing second in his age group (out of, uh, three)...

The kids all came with me a couple times to the UPS store in Saline, which happens to give great service, but never quick service. They know how to settle right in until I'm done.

We also went raspberry picking, and mashed up most of them to make jam.

Gene sorted, and everyone took turns mashing.

Lucy was SO EXCITED to finally make something from one of her Highlights magazines...mac n cheese muffins. Yum.

Sunbathing by the pool. Too bad he's the only child who doesn't tan.

Bookworm #2 in a favorite reading spot at the library.

And in the car, another favorite reading spot these days.

Bookworm #3 in the making...

Jane loves to help in the kitchen, and now she is actually able to be of help. She was arranging our garden broccoli in a pan, I think.

The curlie girlie, eating breakfast. Usually, she likes to eat the spoon better than her oatmeal. She is NOT an oatmeal lover. Oh, but I just noticed what else was in the picture. Jane woke up super early that morning, and snuck out with B to get doughnuts for everyone.

B and I competed in two triathlons together this summer- one in Mackinac City, and the other in Brighton. We traveled to the former by ourselves (call it a crazy date) while we were already up north on vacation, and got to stay in a hotel overnight. For the latter, we had company. Donal and Lindsey met us there, and watched the kids during the race. Too bad the camera battery died before they could take pictures of US...!

This is how the infamous "exercise train" runs in our house in the early morning. They all like to "exercise" together, which usually turns into something very silly. But they love to run through the house summoning all members of the "train".

Aunt Kathleen generously donated her Scrap Box finds to the girls, and they spent a blissful morning crafting. Thanks Kathleen!

I took the kids to the local grocery store to deposit our cans and bottles, and they basically did the whole thing for me:)

Lucy is working on writing lowercase letters on the line, and Jane will learn soon, right? She's learning the sounds of the letters first, just, uh, 19 more to go...

Gene is still intent on selling his "bookmarks" that's he's been making all summer (small scraps of paper that have been completely colored in one color of marker). Since he wasn't having much luck selling them, we convinced him to sell cookies and lemonade with them. Over the last two days, he has made 6 or 7 dollars! He convinced the Mitzel girls to come and help, and the girls worked on coloring signs for the sale.

And posting them.

And that brings us up to the present, once again. That's all for now, folks.

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