Tuesday, August 31, 2010

An update already?!

I actually have a minute, so here is a new update. We haven't been home a lot lately, but when we have the kids have been keeping themselves pretty busy.

We had a puzzle morning, and Gene and Lucy put together most of a 100-piece puzzle all by themselves, after complaining that it was too hard for them. Jane is a whiz at the wooden puzzles, and I've had to pull out the easy ones and leave the hardest for her.

We had pancakes for breakfast one morning, and Jane at one point announced, "I am going to make a face." She promptly broke her pancakes into pieces and arranged them like so:

Two eyes on top, a mouth on bottom, and a nose and two cheeks in the middle.

We went to watch our friends play softball, and while they were playing the kids played on the playground. Until a few of them discovered the dirt in the dugout of another field...

This one ran to investigate, was told by her mom that it was ok, stopped to get a drink, and announced to the kid-pack on the playground that the dirt was up for grabs.

Pretty soon it looked like this. And all the parents started planning bath-night.

Jane helped me make my bed one morning...she actually insisted that she would do it by herself that time...and she mostly did:)

We've had the sprinkler on the last few days, because our grass is parched and looks awful, and the girls have enjoyed taking advantage of it. Their favorite sprinkler activity is trying to catch the water in buckets (which takes forever, but they don't mind!

We're headed up north for the weekend, and then school starts!!

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