Monday, January 10, 2011

Kid Quotes

And another update of random pictures this time:)

Lucy and I had just finished reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...a couple days later at breakfast, "Mama, wouldn't you like to have chocolate dishes? So when you were finished with your food, you could just eat them!"

Lucy, randomly one day, "Jane, you're in the middle of the terrible twos!" Jane looked up from what she was doing..."What am I in?" "Nothing," said Lucy.

Gene spent a long time trying to tell us the name of a game he had played that day at recess. "It was called Sussie...Su-ssie...Su-u-ss-sie...he couldn't quite pronounce it. When we tried to help him out by just asking him how they had played it, he said, "How should I know- it's Portuguese!!"

Jane came running barenaked downstairs one day, with not a stitch of clothing on, when she was supposed to be getting dressed. When I asked her why she was downstairs, she exclaimed, "I have no socks!"

Jane likes wet washcloths. She likes to spread them out, roll them up, do all sorts of things with them, usually instead of just wiping her hands and face and getting down from the dinner table. Case in point: One evening she spread a wet cloth on the seat of her chair, and stood on it, with her bare feet. When I asked her to bring it to the sink, she said, "Well Mama, my feet are wet." And she handing it to me. When I asked her to walk upstairs and get some socks on, she thought about her wet feet and said, "I'll just walk on my heels." And she did.

Gene woke up at 6 am on a non-school day, which is even earlier than usual wake-up call on a school day. I asked him Why??? and he said, "Well, I don't know. It's just one of my hobbies."

Gene, one afternoon, was enjoying his spelling assignment- "Homework is AWESOME!"

Jane had hated pears for a long time, and had disliked them even when she was a baby. We usually have her eat a couple bites, and then she can pass on the rest. However, because pears are a common fruit in our house (and the rest of us love them) we made sure to talk up the fact that SOMEDAY she will learn to like them. One recent morning I gave her one slice, and said she could have a different fruit if she ate the pear first. She took it with little hesitation. After eating it fairly quickly, she looked at me and said, "Mama, I'll just take one more small one."

Jane and Lucy have really enjoyed using our wooden nutcracker to crack pistachios this winter. One night Jane asked what I was making for dinner, and the nutcracker must have either been in sight or just on her mind. Dinner was chicken nuggets, and she stated with gusto, "Mama, I want to try and nutcrack my chicken nuggets!"

Gene and Lucy were hiding upstairs from Brendan, and he knew it. He asked Jane if she wanted to help find them. She replied, "Yes! I have wonderful eyes!"

Gene, Lucy and Brendan came home from a local, routine errand. Jane hadn't really noticed they were gone, and was too little to care where they were. But she was obviously thinking about them at the moment Gene walked in, "I'm so glad you didn't get lost!"

Jane, covering one eye, "I look like a eye off and one eye on!"

All the kids were eating breakfast one morning when Gene found a sticker on his banana showing a picture of a man with a banana for a bicep. He found it funny, and Brendan jokingly said that Gene should eat the whole banana so he would have "banana muscles" too. A few days later Jane went upstairs to get more toilet paper for the bathroom. She came down carrying two rolls, one in each hand, balancing them on her biceps. She proudly proclaimed, "I have toilet paper muscles!"

Gene and Lucy were getting lectured by Brendan for harassing Jane. Jane observed the whole thing. Afterward she came over and briefed me in, "We were just having a thinking...but I was all right."

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