Sunday, January 16, 2011

Random thoughts

Here's what's on my mind at the moment...

-I was just checking the school calendar and marking everything down on my own calendar, when I noticed something: the kids and I have a week-long "Mid-winter break"!!! We just had a week off for Christmas, and I did a double check about Spring Break- yep, we still have a week off in the Spring. What's with the Mid-Winter break? We didn't have that growing up!!! I don't know why this is such a big deal for me- it doesn't exactly bother me, but I'm realizing that the kids are not actually in school THAT MUCH! And when they're home, we do some school-y things. So, in all actuality, I think we are half homeschooling and half real-schooling.

-Our house is so much cozier with a fire. And we have had a fire going for the majority of the time since mid-December I think. Our wood pile is almost gone...

-I took Lucy to a birthday party at Chuck-E-Cheese today. Way overrated, I've gotta say. She had fun, at least she would say she had fun, but mostly because she got a lot of stuff at the end. She spent the time wandering around with me, putting tokens in random machines that played mediocre games, and hoping they would spit out tickets. She didn't even get what the tickets were for- but she was glad to accumulate them. She ran into kids from her class (it was a whole-class party) occasionally, but no one stuck together. Some of the games she wanted to do were out of order, or too hard for her. Not a single one was really interesting or challenging. The only one I liked was skee-ball, but she couldn't even get the ball up into the first little hole. They did have pizza and cake, and Chuck E. Cheese himself came out to dance and sing with the kids. That was somewhat entertaining. On the way home, she was glowing over her balloon and goody bag, and insisted she wanted to have her next birthday party there. We'll see...:)

That's all for now. Consider this blog "posted"!

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