Friday, June 22, 2012

Some Random Thoughts...

1. I am hard-boiling eggs, and just heard furious chirping coming from the pot.  Not loud, but constant.  My first thought was to wonder if an egg had accidentally been fertilized, and now the chick was ready to come out and didn't want to swim in hot water.  I guess it was just some air bubbles coming from an egg, but I'll find out for sure when I take the shells off!

2. We had a rainstorm yesterday afternoon, and the girls and I went out with rainboots and umbrellas to enjoy it.  (It hasn't rained much these last couple months)  The street gutter was getting clogged, so we got some buckets and shovels and scooped up the leaves and muck around the drain.  The girls thought it was SO COOL to be in the street, and the cars that passed (this was 5:00 and many people were driving by) all slowed down and smiled as they drove by.  Well, the girls stayed with me for all of maybe 3 minutes.  Then they had an idea to make "mud soup" and brought their buckets up to the backyard.  Leaving me scooping the muck by myself in the hot sun (it had returned with a vengeance).  I was on a roll though and didn't want to stop, and there is a lot of gutter by our house (we're on a corner lot).  The cars that drove by this time didn't see me (there were no girls standing on the side wearing brightly colored raincoats) and gave me funny looks when I half-startled them.  I would have put some orange cones around me and a sign that said, "Gutter De-Cluttering in Progress" if I had them.

3. The kids were out catching fire-flies last night, and Lucy was so excited when she also caught a moth.  "It's a white moth, Mama!  They are very fast and very hard to catch!"  To Brendan- "I caught a white moth Papa.  What will you give me?"  (He had previously offered to pay the kids $5 if they caught a squirrel, and she was hopeful).  And then a few minutes later, to Jane who was awfully jealous that she had not also caught a white moth- "Jane, white moths are very hard to catch.  You might not catch one until you're 16..."  That really made Jane feel better.

4.  Gene's baseball season is almost over!  It's been fun, and we'll probably do the travel team again next year.  Probably:)

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