Friday, July 6, 2012

Home Day

Jane is on a roll today...Lucy is doing okay...Gene is a little slow.  All three have a chart, and Jane can actually read hers now (yeah!!) so she can work without asking for direction.  She just wrote a letter to Ellie (a little heartbreaking Kathleen, as it seems she thought Ellie would be up north...I helped her write a disclaimer on the back), and made a birthday card for Aunt Kate, who's birthday is tomorrow (so far, only her name is on it but I'm sure it's not finished yet).  She's picking up sticks now:)

Lucy spent a lot of time sleeping, a lot of time in the bathroom, a lot of time doing her hair, a lot of time practicing piano.  Moving slow, but moving.

Gene got a good start, but then actually went and lay down on the couch and said, "Mama, tell me when it's 12:00"  It was only 9:30.  Now he's up and a little more active.

I was moving laundry and suitcases and checking on the girls...Lucy was bursting with something to tell me.  "Mama, next Halloween you (or Papa) should dress up as a monkey and put bananas in people's candy buckets."

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