Monday, October 11, 2010

7 Quick Takes

I feel like I should post, but it's late and I can't think of a here goes some randomness...

1. Gene has been rather shy in class about asking questions, and I'm trying to deal with that on the parent side of things. I'm not going to be a hovering helicopter-parent and talk to his teachers for him, but I also don't want to allow him to miss out on things because he doesn't ask for in point: he has been keeping his sweatshirt on all day in school, and I noticed that it was still on when I would pick him up, on really nice afternoons when everyone else had short sleeves. I asked him why he didn't take it off...and it came out that he didn't know how to hang it up (they use hangers in the class). Just ask, dude. There are no other great examples, just vague feelings I'm getting that he could really do himself a favor if he gets over his fear of initiating conversation with his teachers (who are a bit outgoing, but very friendly). I, the maker of all types of charts, posted a "Ask a Teacher for Help" chart on his wall. If he asks for help, and writes down what he asked for, he can have some extra Wii time if he asks 10 times. He has two so far, and a third is posted but it says, "I asked for help but I can't remember what it was for." Doesn't count, but nice try...

2. Jane has been sick since before her birthday in early September, with at least 3 separate colds, I think. The first one was accompanied by a fever. The third with an ear infection. Now she has been on antibiotics for a few days, and she seemed to be better since the weekend. But this afternoon her nose started running again. And she is (still?) coughing once in a while. I don't know if this is the beginning of round #4 or what...?

3. Lucy is the slowest kid in the world after school. She took a full hour this afternoon to change into playclothes, show me her papers from school, and put away her backpack and lunchbox. Seriously! I try to make her hurry it up a little, so she can have some playtime before dinner, but she doesn't see the point in that. She seems to need her "playtime" while completing these simple tasks. Maybe I should just let her...and just have her try to finish before dinner?

4. Our dishwasher has been leaking on and off for the last few months, but this evening there was a growing puddle on the floor and we finally had to operate on it. By "we" I mean my wonderful husband! We cleaned out the steam vent, and then just pretended to do other stuff, but basically we're just praying we won't need to replace it anytime soon.

5. Had a great weekend on a church retreat...usually I stay up really late talking to friends on these retreats, but not this one. I actually went to bed early (9:30 one night!) and slept in as long as I could. It was great. I wanted to catch up on sleep, but also to come home and not be completely sleep-deprived. A gift to my family, right?

6. I am really enjoyed my job as a preschool/kindergarten teacher. But now I'm reaching a point I know every student-teacher reaches at one time or another: I want to be the one in charge! I want to be the head-teacher, and make the decisions in the classroom. I see a number of small changes that would make a big difference in the classroom, but I can only speak up so much. I don't want to offend, and it's not my classroom after all. I am just there to learn, and to help out if needed. The tricky thing is, I have to make a good impression, and keep it, if I want any chance of being offered a job for next year. But if I go along with all their ideas and don't speak up, and then am offered a job, will it be a big shock if I run my classroom differently? Oh well...who knows what will happen next year, anyway?!

7. How many birthday parties are we obligated to go to, having three kids in a private school, and seemingly every child in all three classes intending to invite their whole class to a party? The girls have each gotten one invite, and Gene two. That makes 4, and it's only been a month of school. Each party took (or will take) place somewhere other than the birthday child's the Hands On Museum, a bowling alley, Jungle Java, and a bounce house. I have met (in person) 2 of the birthday children. What are we supposed to give as gifts?? How many more invitations will be coming? This is crazy! And then I am planning parties for Gene and Lucy coming up, and we are definitely not planning a full-class outing somewhere expensive! Gene may have 3 (count them, 3!) boy friends over to play football...his idea, and he's very excited! Not sure about Lucy yet, but she'll probably have about the same number of girl friends for some low-key activity. Maybe an art project... Why don't other people have birthday parties like that anymore??

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