Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kids in training

We're training for the one-mile Thanksgiving Turkey Trot! So far Gene can run maybe 1/4 mile without stopping, and Lucy half that. Jane won't actually compete, but she's enjoying the practice...Gene gets his stopwatch out and times how long certain stretches take, and Lucy runs for a bit and then gets "bored" (her favorite word these days). She's not motivated in the same way Gene is, but I'm doing my best to keep it fun and without pressure. Our training is self-motivating: the first day we just tried to run/jog as far as we could. I recorded where each child stopped running. Then each day everyone tried to run at least a LITTLE farther than they ran previously before stopping to walk. If they beat their goal, they can have a chocolate chip when we get home.

After two days, it's been a success. We'll see where they are in a month!

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