Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday, Oct 20

*One more day until Gene's birthday...he is not as excited about IT as Lucy is about HER birthday which is in another two weeks. She is a lover of all things "birthday"- cake, ice cream, balloons, presents, friends... And having her birthday come last out of all three of the kids just makes her anticipation grow even more. She and Jane went out with B to buy a present for Gene (Brendan knows exactly what he's getting), and she said, "How about a balloon holder! You know, you tie a string onto it and then it keeps the balloon from flying to the ceiling." Would Gene like it? He would probably just give her a funny look. Lucy is known around our house as the Queen of Random.

*There were conferences at school today...Jane didn't have class, and spent various parts of the day with Grandma Patti, Great Grandma Rose and Great Grandpa Gene, and Grandma Hendricks. She had a great day! Gene and Lucy spent their day doing different activities around the school with substitute teachers, while their teachers met with parents all day. A creative way to keep kids in school at that time! Lucy told us they "just roamed around the halls" all day!

*Gene is really into math right now, and is happily working on addition and subtraction problems in his head (with the help of some fingers, sometimes) whenever he's at home. His teacher gave me a Montessori math activity to borrow for awhile, and I think he'll love it. I'm going to wrap it up and "give" it to him for his birthday:)

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