Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's working!!

Jane and I are home today, since she is still sick with a runny nose and cough. We call it a "kleenex day". However, regarding kleenexes, it is always the parent telling the child to get one in our family. The kids like to pretend their shirt is an okay place to wipe boogers. Gross.

So, our big accomplishment of this sick day is the Kleenex Chart. (I realize I have become a chart person, but I can't help it- they usually work...) Jane can put a sticker on a piece of paper taped up to the piano (call it a "chart") every time she gets a kleenex without prompting. If I see her wiping anything on her shirt, I will make her get a kleenex, but no sticker.

A few minutes ago, in the middle of a movie, she jumped up and said, "Mama, I have to get a kleenex."


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