Saturday, April 10, 2010

Evening at the Park

First visit to Millpond of the Spring...with Mitzels...a beautiful sunny, "not exactly warm" (Tim Mitzel) day, perfect time to visit the park.

Brendan purchased bagels, and brought cream cheese, Oreos and lemonade. A very kid-friendly picnic, and no one (but Hannah, in retrospect) complained of the lack of vegetables.

The kids spent the majority of the park-time running and chasing each other, asking adults to play Dragon Chase ("we need an adult to be the dragon" ~Norah) and meandering around. Gene and Norah especially wanted to be chased by someone (anyone?) and Michael enjoyed chasing Gene.

Lucy, true to herself, spent the majority of her time on the various swings in the park, and the rest of her time there begging someone to push her on the swings. She managed to run around a little, too, though.

Jane swung, climbed, slid down the slides, and walked on balance beams- she loves those now. Once she toppled over (a very low beam) but climbed right back on without a fuss. She was intent on mastering it. She also wanted to show me the "little slide" and have me watch her slide down it...but then she couldn't find it. She went up and down steps, looked all around, and finally asked Gene for help. A great slide once she found it!

Then a visit to the water (and bridge) before going home. The kids put up a fuss about leaving the playground, but then (of course) didn't want to leave the water, either.

They picked up sticks, threw sticks (some BIG sticks)...

watched their sticks go under the bridge, dropped a water bottle in the water (oops!), watched one of the dads retrieve the water bottle with one of the sticks, and Lucy drank from it (she thought it was great that he had pulled the water out from the water!)

touched long sticks into the water (Jane- "He is washing his back"),

and followed the dads to different areas of the bank.

Jane wanted to throw in just one last stick...but, next time. Now, bedtime...

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