Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Announcing Jake Blackie Cousino, the first pet of the Cousino household. And we'll see how long he lasts...!

Jake came to our house last night, a gift from Grandpa Ken- thanks!

We tried to feed him, but he wasn't very hungry. He may still be in hibernation, at least appetite-wise. Turtles aren't supposed to come out for air until late spring.
Here's what we tried: spinach, a dandelion leaf, celery, a piece of apple, a small worm, and a box-elder bug. And we gave him a new, bigger water dish so he could sit in it.

He was a little big for the old dish...

Everyone was interested in what Jake was doing today- his toenails were so long, we could hear him every time he moved!

We took him to a vet in the afternoon to ask some questions- found out he's 3-5 years old, and male (due to long nails and tail)...gave us an idea of what we'd need to buy to take care of him: aquarium and fixings, heat lamp, food.

Lucy is better, but had a recovery day on the couch.

Gene typed a letter (compete with pictures) to Uncle Garrett.

And Jane went running with Brendan after dinner...

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