Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Home Day

Gene and Janie worked on schoolwork (Gene wrote a letter to Grandpa Bob!)...

We had a cleaning day, and this was the first time I showed the kids how to wash objects in a tub of water...Lucy was in heaven. I think she is part mermaid.

Lucy played upstairs by herself for awhile- her favorite place in her room is her bed, and she keeps a lot up there (away from Janie?)

As we were heading out the door to Grandma Hendricks' to play while I went running, Jane pulled out the sandpaper numbers and had an impromptu lesson. She recognizes about 6 out of 10 numbers by sight now (including zero).

Playing in Grandma's yard...

I worked out in the gardens all afternoon, and the kids discovered they could climb the fence. And they sat up there for a LONG time!

In other news, everyone has some degree of a cold, and we're hoping for beautiful weather tomorrow to be outside more...

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