Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The kitchen wastebasket is a favorite work spot...

The kitchen floor is another (Memory this time)

We spent this beautiful warm, sunny day mostly outside. I worked in the gardens, the kids did various kid things...

Lucy got her occasional hankering to wear a bucket for a backpack.

Gene began transforming this stack of unused firewood into a "fort"...

Lucy organized and stored her "food" in her "house".

Gene and Lucy began learning the names of the letters in the Spanish alphabet, so we practiced saying them and "wrote" them on the front lawn...ABCDE (can you tell?)

We built sculptures for lunch today (not a regular thing, actually the first time we tried it)

Here's Lucy's:

And Gene's (the apples are waves, the nuts and cranberries boats, and the spinach leaves passengers on the boats...)

And Lucy had her first official swimming lesson in the evening. No pictures of actual lesson, so a locker room shot will have to do.

Gene had his third baseball practice, and Opening Day is on Saturday!

Tomorrow we hope to be outside again, and Gene will have a swimming lesson too...

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