Friday, April 16, 2010

He came, he saw, he conquered by escape...

Jake is no longer with us. He has gone to a better place (hopefully)...but no, he is not dead. He has just passed away from our yard. Here's a re-cap:

~Kids played with him and watched him~

~Gene's friend P found worms for him~

~Gene, Lucy and P built a "play area" for him~

~Jake attempted his first escape~

~So we built him a better play-area, with two layers of stacked logs all around. We even blocked the holes with stones. And then we let him have some privacy for maybe 15-20 minutes~

~And that was just the chance Jake needed. Utilizing amazing climbing powers, he got out. Who knew turtles were such good climbers. It must be those toenails!

~Farewell, Jake. We hope you find your way home...

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