Friday, July 16, 2010

July 16

Garden and yard work yesterday...I actually managed to work outside for more than 6 hours! With a measly half-hour break for lunch. And I enjoyed it immensely:)

Meanwhile, Jane came out to play in the sprinkler for a few minutes... (her bathing suit was at Grandma's)

And Gene came out to play football for a few minutes (I think baseball season is winding down). All three kids spent the rest of those 6 hours in the basement. Building forts and playing "house". Very strange, as they haven't played down there in months. Gene came out once while I was mowing the lawn and said, "I would like to request three lunches in the basement." They had set up little tables with placements and everything!

In other news, Lucy loves drinking with a straw.

And Gene's latest passion is playing the piano. He is into the major scales right now. And he plays every chance he gets.

We walked to the Dairy Queen tonight after dinner.

Gene and Lucy rode bikes, I pushed Jane's bike. She is still learning how to ride it...steering is so hard!

Hope you all had as good of an evening!

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