Sunday, July 18, 2010


The kids walked to the Celtic Festival parade in Saline on Saturday...I would recommend it to anyone with small children. Much better than the Memorial Day parade from a child's point of view- TONS of candy, horses, men in kilts playing bagpipes, twirlers, and karate demonstrators. Not very long, but very satisfying.

They walked with the VanderVeen cousins, and Jane and Ellie moved Andrew and the wagon along the whole way there.

Lucy and Jane experimented with mixing all the various beads, beans and rice that we have had on the shelves lately...and realized it takes a lot longer to clean everything up than it does to dump out.

Grandma Patti and Grandpa Ken came over for brunch on Sunday- very nice:)

Sunday afternoon has been "Family Art Time" lately...Brendan traces pictures from a coloring book, and the kids color them. Gene was getting into his coloring book, and talking excitedly about having an art class when he goes to school. This is GOOD for him, as art has not been interesting to him, ever.

Gene and Lucy have been going to a neighborhood church for a Children's Choir/ Music class taught by a friend of mine, and tonight I brought Jane because Brendan played softball. She ate her dinner in the parking lot- a Parking Lot Picnic.

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