Monday, July 12, 2010

The weekend and since...

Jane built a "mat" out of blocks...

And played Memory by herself (she sometimes announces the "score" like Gene does when he plays games by himself, but it is always "3 to 4"...)

My dad and Aunt Kate took the kids to the zoo (thanks again!) and Lucy consulted the map, probably looking for the giraffe section. That's all she kept saying she wanted to see.

I guess they found it:)

"Squish Gene" is a favorite game, especially when Grandpa is involved.

The kids painted pictures (belatedly) for Kate's birthday. We may send them to you, Kate, but I think this picture is probably cuter than what they actually painted.

Gene, my parents and I went to visit my Aunt Linda and various cousins at the boat races on the Detroit River.

And, closer to home, Lucy investigated the various properties of her black barrettes. She resists getting her hair done every day, in a way, by finding something else to do as soon as we walk into the bathroom. Usually she tries to wash her hands, or play with the handle of the door, or, or, or...she cannot possibly just stand still. She is definitely a "hands on" kid, much more so than the other two. And there's nothing wrong with it, since she doesn't really get into mischief with the things she does...I just laugh when I see what she comes up with next when the brush comes out.

Reading a book. Notice her hair. Took all of a couple minutes, and she didn't touch a thing.

Gene typed a list of "Things to Do For Gus (In three years)". Uncle Emmet got a little dog recently, and (supposedly) promised Gene he could have the dog when he turned 10. Gene, who never forgets, is banking on this and has been talking about it off and on. Today he was figuring out who in our family would do which dog "chore". He, of course, would feed and walk Gus. But everyone else had at least one chore.

We sampled some honeycomb we bought at the Saline Farmer's Market on Saturday.

Lucy took a little "test" of the lowercase letters she knows how to write. I haven't officially taught her how to write, but she does write a lot, mostly in capitals. She surprised me by knowing about 20 letters correctly in the lowercase. Now I know where to start, since I want to work a little bit on writing before school starts. At least finish up those last 6 letters, and introduce writing on lines. She is SO ready.

I built a block model of Gene's room, and another of the girls' room. It took them awhile to figure it out, but all three of them worked together, and it was interesting to hear them thinking out loud. These models are an intro to maps and such...we also pulled a bunch of related books out of the library. Gene is the right age to learn how to read (and make) a basic map, but this is not one of his strong points. And Lucy is quite young for it (still not 5) but is more advanced in this area than Gene. So it should be good for both of them.

And Jane had a productive day using some of the new things I've put out:

Two big pots with beans to ladle between the two...

Duplos (these were a hit since they've been in storage for months)...

She is learning to make patterns, and made this one by switching around every other cylinder in the cylinder blocks. She also had the sandpaper letters and sound basket out, and we reviewed the three sounds she's working on. It's going pretty slow, but she keeps pulling them out. A good sign.

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