Thursday, July 8, 2010

Normal life

We haven't had much normal life around here lately, but here are a few normal-ish pictures. We've mostly been at my parents' house for Staycation 2010 (see following post)...

Lucy has a few stashes of "favorite things she wants to keep" in her room, including stuffed animals she wants to hide from Jane and various pieces of artwork. One is her top drawer, and I think she was showing me something in this picture. Also, one of the only times she's wanted braids in her hair:)

Gene gave Janie a piano lesson, trying to teach her the C major scale. She was following a bit, since she knows the Do-Re-Mi song, but she wanted to play it all with one finger and he wanted her to play with the correct fingering. They were both happy in the end, though.

Gene and Lucy have been washing their own breakfast dishes lately, mostly because they keep forgetting the clear them from the table. I give them ample time, but if I've cleaned up the rest of the kitchen and they are still sitting there, I bring out the dish-washing setup and it becomes one more thing they have to do before they have free time. Today, Gene was questioning why he had to dump the bucket of dirty water in the toilet. He wanted to pour it in the sink, because it was closer. So he got a stool, and I let him try. He did pretty well! He sure is stronger than I think sometimes!

Jane insisted on helping to make lunch. I think she was starving, and wanted to get the show on the road. She did a great job covering each piece of bread with sliced cheese, to be the bottom halves of grilled cheese sandwiches.

I should have a post sometime consisting entirely of pictures of my kids reading. They are getting so into it... but, it's not as interesting as some other pictures, so I'll just post one of the latest. Lucy, balancing a magazine on a stool in the upstairs bathroom.

That's about all we've done at home in the last week:) Now head over to the next post to see what else we've been up to.

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