Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday at home

A mostly uneventful day, stayed home and did housework. Usually I have the kids help, but today they kept themselves pretty busy and I just gave them a break. So...

Lucy put up "stop signs" all over Jane's guardrail in their bedroom. She has been making them often for the last few weeks, along with some signs that say "go". Or actually, I take that back. The signs just have a big letter S or G, but they are colored in the appropriate colors. She made a pair of signs for everyone in our family once. I don't know the significance of having them on the bed, but Jane seemed pleased nonetheless.

Jane pulled out the hand puzzle, and tried to fit her hand in. She made me do it, too. She hasn't done this puzzle in a LONG time...I thought she was getting too old for the wooden puzzles we have, but this is one of the trickier ones, and she enjoyed it.

Gene, with a bit of prompting and some help, constructed a model of our neighborhood. They brown blocks are roads, and they yellow and red pieces are houses of people we know. He figured this out pretty fast, and it was easier for him than figuring out where things in a specific room in our house are.

Lucy and I made corn muffins for dinner. She really wanted to feel all the ingredients, so I gave her a little sample of them in a bowl.

She has gotten quite good at leveling, and got to practice with the cornmeal, flour, sugar and baking powder.

We brought the kids to the Rec Center daycare while we ran on the treadmills, then B and G ran/biked home. The Major League All-Star game was on, and we all stayed up REALLY late!

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