Wednesday, July 14, 2010

At home

A morning at home, so nice. Jane was up at 6am, so she did quite a bit before she napped at 9:30...she keeps pulling out the sandpaper letters, and despite the fact that she's not catching on as quickly as Lucy was at this age, she is still learning them, and still interested. That makes the comparison not matter (I know it doesn't matter anyway, but what parent can keep from comparing between children?). She has just about mastered the sounds of four letters, and today thought of a fun extension all by herself...matching up the magnetic fridge letters to the ones on the wall.

After Jane napped, we went over to Grandma H's to go swimming. Just what we needed. The kids all took turns "napping" on the inner-tubes.

The girls really wanted to help with dinner, so together we made chocolate pudding and snapped green beans. Their first time snapping, and they quickly got the hang of it. Jane, surprisingly, was even quicker than I was! (Lucy and I snapped the ends off, and passed the beans to Jane so she could snap them in half.)

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